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About us


Welcome to IPTV ASK,

We’re a group of tech enthusiasts aiming to help big screen consumers better understand and benefit from a much more convenient way to stream content called IPTV ( Internet Protocol Television )

Our story started with the coronavirus epidemic, where we noticed an emerging need from regular consumers to discover better ways to consume their favorite content.

IPTV services such as Youtube TV, Netflix, and Sling TV… have gained more attention considering their high value in comparison to regular Cable TV.

but with this rising demand for streaming services, more questions are yet to be answered, from simple ones like what’s IPTV? how to setup IPTV? what’s the difference between IPTV and Cable TV? to a more complicated ones like what’s the best IPTV service to use for my particular needs? breaking down all the price differences, features and much more helping you better understand this amazing technology and guiding you to pick what works best for you.

Be a part of our community today, ask questions, find answers and share your expertize.